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Family Law Attorney Orange County who can Protect your Best Interests

If you're going through a family law dispute and need assistance from an experienced family law attorney Orange County, look no further than Jos Family Law. Our attorneys have an acute understanding of the law and can fight for your rights with zealous advocacy. Being experienced attorneys, we understand how uniquely challenging family law situations can be. From simple divorce cases to complex ones, child custody, child support, spousal support, mediation, paternity, asset division, and other family law areas, trust Jos Family Law to advise and represent you during this important time.

Our family law attorneys in Orange County will guide you and represent you with the passion and care that you deserve.

Our Practice Areas

At Jos Family Law, we want to help families navigate complex legal procedures to take care of the most important people in their lives. Whether children are involved or have high net-worth assets, your family law case should always prioritize the best interests of your loved ones. Our practice areas include:

· Divorce

· Legal Separation

· Mediation

· Adoption

· Child Custody

· Child Support

· Alimony

· Asset Division

· Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

· Modification of Orders

· Parents' Rights

· Domestic Violence

· Paternity

· Multi-State Jurisdiction

· Attorney's Fee

Get in Touch

Find out how our dedicated and experienced family law attorneys in Orange County can help you through your family law matters. We excel in high-asset divorces that involve complex custody issues. Call (714) 733-7066 or to schedule a private consultation with our attorneys today.


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