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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

Print High-quality Receipts & Labels with Thermal Paper in Canada 

Thermal papers have grown as the mainstream printing medium across diverse industries. Modern business owners rely on this ultra-efficient printing technique to create receipts and labels. However thermal papers come in various sizes and quality. You need to choose the right-sized paper for your cash register, POS system, or credit card terminals.  

And when it comes to customer experience, rely exclusively on high-quality thermal papers from Master Distributors. We're the largest wholesalers and distributors in Canada and the US offering expedited shipping. Our B2B platform has been the go-to choice for several businesses when it comes to POS hardware and accessories. We also have an extensive range of thermal papers for all your printing needs. 

Benefits of Thermal Papers

Thermal papers are specially coated papers. The coated compounds are heat-sensitive and react to the heat from a thermal printer. This thermal reaction causes high-definition images in milliseconds that are crisp clear and free from smudges. Thermal papers don't require any ink ribbon or cartridge, and thermal printers have fewer moving parts - making this printing choice more economical and efficient than traditional printing. Some other benefits of thermal papers are:

·        High-definition Prints

Thermal printing creates clear prints free from smudges and smears that are more legible than conventional printing.

·        Faster 

Thermal printing creates images in milliseconds, allowing you to serve customers faster and enhance their shopping experience.

·        Durable

Thermal papers are more durable and can withstand water, oil, adhesives, and high temperatures.

·        Versatile

Thermal papers come in all sizes for use in retail, banking, healthcare, hospitality, dining, events, and other verticals.

Get in Touch 

Contact Us at 1-888-905-7008 or send an email query to for a sales inquiry. 



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