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Domestic Violence Lawyer Orange County

Domestic violence cases in California are serious matters that may induce criminal charges against the accused if proven guilty. At Jos Family Law, we understand the emotional weight and complexities around domestic violence cases in California. Our law firm has experienced domestic violence lawyers Orange County who have the knowledge and expertise to handle cases involving intricate domestic violence laws. We ensure that our clients receive the best possible defense

We have years of experience in handling domestic violence cases and the unique challenges that arise from it. Our experienced attorneys will provide a robust defense and will stay in your corner if you've been accused of a domestic violence crime.

Domestic Violence Laws in California

California domestic violence laws are vast and strict. It holds the offender liable and protects victims of physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. These laws cover a vast range of abuses, even including psychological abuse. Understanding these laws is crucial to building a solid case.

Domestic violence is defined as abuse or threats suffered by a victim who is in an intimate relationship with their abuser. This includes married couples, domestic partners, cohabitants, dating relationships, etc.

Remember that the abuse under domestic violence isn't restricted to physical injury. They may also include emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse. Our attorneys are well-versed in law and can use their knowledge to protect your rights.

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Learn more about how our domestic violence lawyer in Orange County can help. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (714) 733-7066 or sending an email to and speak to our experienced attorneys.


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