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Ice Cream Day for the Chestnut Ridge Youth Group

The Chestnut Ridge Youth group loves ice cream. Often they all scream for it. With the

news that Dairy King would be shutting down for the winter soon, CRY headed out for

ice cream on Friday the 15th of September.

Last year the group chose a day closer to the final bell and it was slammed with people, but this year the students were able to enjoy their sugary treats in seats while discussing life, liberty, and whatever was on TikTok earlier that day. The youth bundled into the New Vision van and headed back up to the Epicenter on Chestnut Ridge for Bible study, then ended the night with a few raucous games of Gaga Ball in the gym.

A few days later, much of the group again piled into the van to go root for one of their own as she played volleyball in a match for Kasson. Unfortunately the score didn’t reflect Reagan’s efforts as Kasson lost the match 3-0, but her own team was surprised at just how many people came out to support her.

“You brought your own cheer squad,” one of the players said to her. Reagan’s cheer squad then continued to embarrass her with praise as she helped her team pack down the nets and clean up the gym. Youth leader, Sam Christie, is planning on attending another event on Saturday to further embarrass his students.

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