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Now accepting Pre-Orders on the highly anticipated Ray of Life Solar Light! 
UPS Ground or USPS Priority shipping included starts December 4th, 2023.


Ray of Life is a one-of-a-kind solar powered light source, made by NVRE in the USA, providing up to 18 hours of 1000 lumen light & night light for families without power. Ray of Life can also charge a cell phone to keep in touch with loved ones! 


Ray of Life Light

  • Monocrystal solar panels capture the maximum amount of sun, even on a cloudy day it can get up to 8 hours of charge.
  • LEDs equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb that will last up to 50 years!
  • Three (3) control settings for the amount and duration of light required.


Ray of Life Battery

  • USB port for charging cell phones and devices.
  • Strongest battery of it's kind - as much power as the regular motorcycle battery.
  • Over- and undercharging protection circuits.
  • Five (5) to Seven (7) year lifespan or 2000 cycles!


Ray of Life Casing

  • Uses recycled political campaign boards.
  • Replaceable, changeable components.
  • Small & Compact. Only five (5) pounds and 8X12X3 inches.
  • Extension cord for hanging overhead.
  • Available as a DIY kit for education purposes.


Ray of Life Solar Light - Pre-Order

Ray of Life Pre-orders to ship starting December 1, 2023. Order now!
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